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Products Design and Branding


At Raptor Creative we strive for great design, packaging, service, and most importantly happy customers. With skills in product development, structural design for packaging/POPs our design team is ready to help you realize your dream.


Bricklin 3EV

In May of 2022 Visionary Vehicles hired Raptor Creative to design & develop the Bricklin 3EV. We began collaborating on the early vision, The brief was to design a cost effective, 3 wheeled vehicle with all of the safety features that a 4 wheel car is accustomed to and more. We also did not want it to appear like a 3 wheel vehicle at first sight, the impression was to be it is floating in the rear of the vehicle. The challenge was to make the car unique, yet still appeal to car enthusiasts. This was a design that customers would love to have in their driveway. We defined the surfaces of the 3EV in 2 months time as we needed to get the full-scale prototype built within 6 months. Additionally, the challenges of mating a manufactured chassis under a new body design were overcome with the skills and understanding of human factors, great attention was paid to headroom and creature comfort. Raptor developed the interior design as well as many of the functional features to be found on the prototype. Headlamps are unique to the 3EV and close attention was paid to detailing the jeweled components under the lenses. The 3EV is used by the client as a rolling showcase for the Bricklin brand.


The OMO+ was developed to entertain guests in your home, on your wall, or on the water. It is portable with integrated 11,000 mAh battery, all in a waterproof enclosure that keeps the party rocking with lights and sound for over 8 hours. We designed it to be submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes, so that if the kids dunk it, it’ll come up with working faithfully. With integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the OMO+ can receive 24mbps for high fidelity stereo sound and the ability to link 2 OMO+ together for even further enhanced sound and lights!




In 2012 Origin PC hired our team to define the design language going forward, much time was spent to understand how Origin PC was different from the other gaming PC manufacturers and brands. A review of the market put the sweet spot in the aerospace design language. Powerful vents and winged cut surfaces created a dynamic look for the new laptops. We then were tasked with creating the Millennium gaming desktop.  This was a new paradigm of configurability for the customer, the entire case and outer surface was developed by the Raptor team, we were able to deliver an award winning and cost effective design to the Origin PC team within the 8 month development cycle. Once the CAD files were handed off to the manufacturing team in Taiwan. Only 10% of the design was needed to finalized production  files, saving the manufacturing team time and Origin budget.


From 2007 to 2010, Andreas Haase (Raptor Creative Founder) was the director of design, he was responsible for the design language that he created as well as the desktop, notebook, accessories, and packaging for Alienware. With his vision and guidance, Alienware became the dominant player in the PC Gamer market. His outstanding achievements helped Alienware increase revenue and garner many awards for their products. During his time with Alienware, along with his team, he created the legendary Area 51 and Aurora desktop platforms as well as the high performing M11x and dominating M15X & M-17X, he was also a key influencer of the M-18X.

“The M17x performs like a rock star.” - PC Magazine

“It's clear this ‘M11x’ is a very impressive piece of engineering.” - Trusted Reviews

“The company continues to push boundaries in terms of both design and performance, delivering powerful machines that are also visually stunning.” - Computer Shopper

“The Area 51 system's looks and innovation will either blow your friends' minds or get you killed by your significant other” -  PC Magazine

Black Rifle Coffee

Raptor Creative was tasked to understand the Black Rifle Coffee brand by working with the executive's and marketing team to define and manufacture a variety of products. We were responsible for the industrial design and creating the brand language for Black Rifle products where many went to productions. Our team worked with several manufacturers to facilitate the tooling, manufacturing compliance and supply chain. We helped to create aligned eco friendly packaging that was in line with the customer market desires. 


Our design team has worked for Outback to develop products in the outdoor space, the Outback Station, a Dutch Oven cooker for the camper and backyard chef. This product was created through careful review of the original prototype and developed into a manufacturable product. This 3 in 1 solution provides a great camping companion to the outdoor enthusiast. Our design team developed the ID, ME, and packaging designs to make this a success. We have also worked with Outback on catalogs, POPs, and various packaging solutions over the years.

“The Outback Station is the camper or outdoor cookers product of choice due to its low profile and easy set up.” - Sportsman’s Warehouse


Our team helped our client to develop an RC truck based on their full sized vehicle. we worked with the manufacturing team to make the necessary changes that would mimic the look of their vehicle. we prepared the first prototype sample to the client using our inhouse 3D printers, as well as printing our decals that mimicked the full size vehicle. Once we developed the final packaging the samples were sent to our factory partner for integration into the manufacturing process.


Raptor Creative was the design team to bring the files to the manufacturing team for a new battery for Extreme Dog. With a years worth of  manufacturing experience, we selected a high quality battery from a tier 1 supplier so that the performance specifications were met.




FXA came to the Raptor Creative team with a design solution that was in need of refinement. Our engineering team reviewed the 3D CAD files and supported FXA with the necessary design changes to create a cost effective solution that was manufactured by our factory in China. The design constrains were very stringent as this package is used by a high profile fashion designer. We provided a cost effective solution at a very high quality that was delivered to their factory for final assembly.


The Raptor Creative design team has been tasked multiple times to support the Sabic Plastics team to create visionary solutions for multiple real world problems.  Many of these solutions are trickling their way into the market today. When working with Sabic Plastics our team acts as the advanced design and development arm in conjunction with the internal team to create deigns and concepts that will be rolled out to the Sabic Plastics sales team which interfaces with the market leaders of a variety of industries.


ICE DRAGON creates nano technology, cooling fluid for watercooled PCs. The team at ICE DRAGON needed a bottle solution, and trade show display solution that enhanced the brand promise. RaptorCreative supported the design efforts with solutions that were cost effective and brand building. 

No Name Saloon 

Park City restaurateur, Jessie Shelter, was looking for a new brand image for his popular watering hole, No Name Saloon. Our team of designers was tasked with developing multiple new logos and new wearables that would be sold at the Saloon. Our team also defined the new retail space at the front of the establishment that helped promote the excitement of  being at the No Name Saloon in Park City.  With the introduction of the new wearables, Jessie, has seen a very marked increase in sales of the new gear.

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