Packaging Design & Manufacturing 

Packaging solutions

We create packaging solutions that meet your particular needs no matter how complex, with quality built in from the start.



Bags & Books

Over the years RaptorCreative has been tasked with delivering cost effective solution in the Bags and Books space. Our production facilities can handle small orders as well as large production runs. Please reach out to our sales team to learn more.

Gift & Luxury Boxes 

The highest production standards that you demand are used to create boxes that your customers will enjoy opening as well as keeping. Whether it is a matte finish that remains free of fingerprints or a foil print with complex transitions, RaptorCreative can help you achieve the results you demand.

Retail Packaging 

Whether it’s blister trays, carded products or sleeves, RaptorCreative’s quality assurance team garentees the satifaction of the retailer’s demand with our various types of  packaging. With a long history of creating great packaging for our customers, it’s clear to see, that RaptorCreative is the right choice.


Great products require quality packaging. The Swenyo team came to RaptorCreative to help design a unique box for high quality packaging.

Lit Pro

High tech products require great packaging, the LIT PRO team came to RaptorCreative to help define a gift box solution that would showcase their latest technology. With our team of packaging experts and designers, we provided them with premium package at a cost effective price.

Recoil –

While working with David Alden from Recoil, our team of designers and packaging experts created several POP displays that are used in the retail environment. Careful consideration of the designs were given to the delivery of each individually packaged item as well as the overall functionality of the POPS.  Our team created the concepts through manufactured solutions that were printed at our factories. 


The RaptorCreative team helped MARBLU reduce packaging costs while maintaining high quality results. These solutions helped to minimize overhead cost of packaging through the careful use of  the best in class production methods and rapid responsiveness.

Box & Corrugated

Our design team is creating a variety of design concepts for new packaging and material that could be modified for your brand. We are constantly reviewing the latest technologies to bring you cost effective solutions that are also considerate of our environment.