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Prototyping your idea

At Raptor Creative we offer a multitude of the latest prototyping services. Whether you need a visual representation of your idea or a fully functional low volume run. Our team can help you with on site Resin Printing, FDM Printing and laser etching. We are also well connected to more complex machining and molding services.


Types of Prototypes

There are many options to have your prototypes created, Raptor Creative has a hands on approach where we have in house prototyping for Just In Time Development. Additionally our team has created many 1:1 models as well as scale models when the product is too large or if the design is more descriptive in scale. On site we have a Peopoly Phenom L resin printer Creality FDM, Ender FDM and an Epilog M2 Laser,  We offer precision prototypes and low volume units.  

Resin Printing on the whole, this 3D printing processes can achieve better resolution, better surface finish, and can generally produce more high-quality parts than extrusion processes. When it comes to very fine features, a process like SLA can produce a high level of dimensional accuracy

FDM Printing due to its high accuracy, low cost and large material selection, FDM is one of the most widely used 3D printing technologies across the world

Laser engraving/Etching is an incredibly versatile processing method. The effect of the heat can be used to process a variety of different materials. Wood, paper, cardboard, textiles, plastics, and many other materials can be engraved or cut with a laser device.

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